Friday, May 15, 2015


Steam Greenlight - Day 2

We've been strangely fortunate so far with our Greenlight for Tiki Galore because all of our comments have been positive.

Where are the haters? (Not asking for haters! But just a little surprised. Everybody gets haters.)

Here are some favorite comments:

"Looks like the perfect, silly game to have a bunch of laughs while playing with my buddies"

"Glad to see the narrator from Crash Bandicoot got his own game."

"it's original, a fun game from like 2004 that we wish we all had!!!"

"This game has 90s shenanigans written all over it :P"

"Can't wait to get my spear fights on!"

And then there was a comment in Russian:
 "Плохая оптимизация, да и ничего особо интересного нет. Но в целом, весьма неплохо!"
Which translates to:
"Poor optimization, and nothing really interesting there. But on the whole, very good!"

So our game is one of those totally uninteresting things that are on the whole very good! Like... um... not sure what else is like that..

It'll be exciting to get more comments. Looking forward to Day 3!

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